The Name

“Bon Temps,” (“bon tahn”) is more than just a business name. It means “good times,” in French and is tied to the South Louisiana roots that ground me. It means living life the only way I know how—full of grand times with grand people. And that is exactly what weddings are all about.

The Philosophy

At the heart of my luxury process is the desire to tell your unique story with grace and fill you with a sense of ease and excitement. That’s why it is my priority to not only create a suite you fall in love with, but to provide you with unparalleled attention and care.

The Artist

Hello, love! My name is Collette, I am the owner and artist behind Bon Temps Collective. First let me say congratulations! If you are here, it is because something beautiful and life changing has happened to you: you and your love are getting married. This institution and all it means is precious to me, and I am so excited for you and yours to experience it together.

I believe in marriage so deeply that I have committed my career to it. It is my constant desire that my work be a champion of everything it represents, with all its rare and precious qualities.

That is why for me, your wedding invitation is not a piece of paper. It is a declaration of your unwavering love and the beautifully brave commitment you have made to each other. It’s why I pour my heart and soul into every suite that comes my way, and why each couple is uniquely dear to me.